Resistance within Israel – Interview to a refusenik: Renen Raz

„My family, after I refused, said they were ashamed of me. My mother said she would prefer to know me dead instead of refusenik. “ – Schwer zu sein ein Verweigerer, in Israel ganz besonders schwer…



This is part of a conversation I had in East Jerusalem with Renen Raz. The recorded interview is supposed to be part of broader project still in progress.

He is an Israeli activist who fights against the occupation in Palestine and the Zionist State of Israel.

Resistance within Israel.

Can you present yourself and explain how you realised about the occupation?

I’m Renan Raz, I’m from Palestine, Tel Aviv and I’m 25 years old. Before living in Tel Aviv I was living in a kibbutz called Dorot. Dorot is the hebrew word for generation. Before the ethnic cleansing it was a village called Huj, and it’s about 3 km from the Gaza strip. When we were living there, we were basically forbidden to mention Palestine. Back then, when I was just a boy, I didn’t even know what Palestine was either. I just noticed there were some buildings that weren’t…

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